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By | 02/13/2015

Erik-InterviewHi, today I am very excited to launch yet another post series here, that is SpellBound Interview Series or simply SBIS.

This is the first post in this series. Do you have any guess who are here now?? Just have some random names.

Want a clue?? Ok. This blogging genius has the most beautiful FB profile picture and gravatar image.

Hey, you are smiling. Of course, you are right. It is none other than Erik Emanuelli Sir from NoPassiveIncome. He was already featured in my last Posts I Ponder article. Check it here.

Actually, I didn’t ask him longer questions and gave stage completely to Erik Sir. Number of questions are long so shorter questions made sense.

Here we go….


  1. Hi sir, I am very much familiar with you. Every blogger knows you. But would you mind introducing yourself for a non-blogger who visits my blog?

I am Erik Emanuelli, professional blogger and freelance writer.

I created my first website in 2010, and within a couple of years, my passion turned into a steady and full time income online.

I own and manage several blogs, most of them you can check at my Google+ profile.

  1. Sir, which was your first blog? Is it live today? Today a very serious discussion is taking place about Blogger v/s WordPress. So I am curious to know which platform you used first?

I started my first blog with Blogger, in June 2010.  After just three months, I bought the correspondant domain name and upgraded to self hosted blog with WordPress.

This is the link of the blog, which is now on sale, since few months already. I made several mistakes at beginning of my blogging career, and I decided to shut down this site.

If I could go back in time when I started, I would take a course from a professional and authoritative blogger. This would make me save time and money!

  1. Which you think is the more efficient platform?

Well, I think for new bloggers is indifferent starting with Blogger or

However, if you want to take blogging seriously, then you must get a self hosted website (WordPress CMS is the most popular choice).

  1. How did you step into blogging? Was it your inner call?

After 6 years in the banking field, I worked as Export Manager for 8 years.

The international and economic crisis forced me to look for alternative ways of income.

I started then browsing online for “making money methods”. This was how I created my first blog.

  1. What are your offline hobbies, Sir?

I’m an extreme sports lover! Right now I’m learning how to skydive, got 40 jumps so far (from 13,000 feet). I did my AFF training last year and this one I look forward to becoming a certified skydiver (you can watch my videos at my YouTube channel).

I go to gym three times a week, plus I go jogging (depending on weather).

During my life, I practiced several sports : bungee jumping (in Venezuela), canyoning, rafting, free-climbing, diving (I have “PADI”  license until -20 meters), snowboarding. I’m also brown belt of kick boxing. I believe in the motto : “mens sana in corpore sano”.

My other big passion is travel. I visited more than 30 countries around the world, both for pleasure and work. The money invested in travelling are the best spent!

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  1. Some probloggers say a newbie has to concentrate on content not on SEO. What is your opinion? SEO has nothing to do with newbies?

You should do both. With time, you will learn how to write for your readers, while still optimizing the content for search engines. And make it look a natural and pleasant reading.

  1. Which are your successful promotional methods?

Twitter is my favorite social media channel for promoting myself and my blogs. I’ve more than 25,000 followers at my Twitter account. Some tools I suggest to use are Triberr, and JustRetweet. Also blogging communities are a great way to market your content, together with increasing your connections (which should be among your priorities, as a new blogger).

  1. If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be?

Still Export Manager, I guess.

  1. Say something about your family, Sir. Are you married?

I’m lucky enough to have known a wonderful woman, who is my half apple. We’re not married, but it is as if we were. Happy together since 7 years.

  1. If you are starting from scratch, what are the first 5 things you will do?

Get a unique domain name, a good-looking design and an original logo for my blog, some professional plugins and definitely a niche with low competition!

  1. 5 mistakes you did in blogging?
  • Building backlinks like crazy (and being penalized for it).
  • Now showing my face since the beginning.
  • Not building connections and relationships.
  • Having a domain name with a spelling mistake.
  • Not writing content with a real added value.
  1. 5 steps you took which has led you to success?
  • Building connections within my niche.
  • Writing content that solves problems or needs of my readers.
  • Being real.
  • Being honest.
  • Being myself.
  1. How did you realize blogging is that your profession?

When I started earning more than 1,000$ per month. More than 3 years has passed, and my income online has continued to grow since then.

  1. You are the founder of the blogging community Klinkk. How did you get an idea to start it and why did you start it?

I created Klinkk with the aim of building a meeting point for bloggers, to engage, share and learn from each other. It’s doing pretty good, I just invest 20-30 minutes daily to prevent spamming, managing users and stories and checking the posts submitted. Backlinks are flowing naturally, as bloggers are mentioning Klinkk a great blogging community.

  1. Which are your monetization methods?

The main ways to monetize my blogs are the sale of banners (via BuySellAds), sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

I recently started to sell freelance writing services via my personal website, see here.

  1. We, budding bloggers love to hear advices from a successful blogger like you? What advices you want to give newbie bloggers?

Like already mentioned, the most important suggestion I can give is building relationships within people of your niche. Like in life, also in blogging (and business) connections are everything. Believe me, you soon will realize it. Some pratical suggestions? Visit other blogs, leave meaningful comments, start guest posting, mention quality articles of other bloggers within your posts. And social media, of course.

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  1. Finally, what do you think about my humble blog?

You are doing a great job, Rahul!

Just a small tip? You should recreate your logo to match your website design and colors (which I see are red and black).

Then stick with it, branding is an important part for your blog success.

Thanks for giving me the awesome opportunity to answers to this interview.

I look forward to connecting with your readers!

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That’s all. Liked it?

Please let me know your response through comments. Have a second to share this post also.

Author: Rahul Krishnan

I am a teen from Kerala who loves to do something productive. Writing is my passion and I am an avid reader. I started blogging as a hobby and it soon became my passion. Now enjoying life as a freelance writer.

39 thoughts on “Interview with Erik Emanuelli- SBIS 1

  1. Rahul Krishnan Post author

    Hi Erik Sir,
    Thank you so much for accepting my interview proposal.
    You said you didn’t answer to more than 10 questions in an interview!! Then thank you so much again sir.
    I am sure everyone reading this post gets something to bag and run with.
    I got many info from you and thank you so much for your valuable suggestion regarding my logo. Will redesign it.
    Thanks again sir.

  2. Erik Emanuelli

    Hello Rahul,
    and thank you for giving me the chance to share my story with your readers.

    You’re right.
    This one was my most detailed interview so far.
    Until today, the longest one had up to 5-6 questions.

    Hope to help some new bloggers to start out with passion and enthusiasm,
    but most of all with the right foot!

    I’m glad you appreciated my suggestion.
    Logo is very important, for branding your blog.

    Thanks again, Rahul!

  3. Sasidhar Kareti

    Hi Rahul,

    After reading the interview, I thought it was short and sweet but later realized that you have actually asked him 17 questions. OMG! Your first interview with Erik is so good and inspiring to read. I liked reading the failures-to-success answers. They can motivate newbies who come and read this post.

    Thank you for bringing Erik sir once again. I enjoyed watching his Skydiving videos too 🙂

    Have a good day!

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Sasidhar,
      glad you liked the insights within this interview.

      You’re right.
      Every success is made and created from many past failures.
      There is so much to learn from the experience.

      Glad you visited my YouTube channel.
      I’ve just started it, but there are already some funny videos to watch.

      I love skydiving, and I hope to practice it for a very long time! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your views,
      and have a great rest of this week!

    2. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Sasidhar,
      Thank you so much buddy.
      Even I thought the same. When I read this interview post with Erik Sir’s answers, I thought my questions are very short. I asked him about it.
      Then Erik Sir showed me all his interviews and made me know that this is his longest interview ever.
      Yeah, there is much more to learn from him. He is an exceptional blogger plus marketer.
      Thanks again bro.

  4. Harleena Singh

    Hi Rahul & Erik,

    That was a wonderfully conducted interview, Rahul, and congratulation on your first one with such a wonderful blogger 🙂

    It was a pleasure to see one Ahaian interviewing another, you know I LOVE that 🙂

    I’ve known Erik for a long time now, and more so after he created his wonderful blogging community Klinkk, which is doing so well. Don’t tell me 30 minutes is all you spend there Erik! I hardly manage to get time away from the ABC…see, we have lots to learn from you!

    You are right about doing things the right way in the blogosphere, as you are certainly more experienced and have been through much more with your several blogs (Gosh! How’d you ever manage them all?!) – I have a tough time with just one…lol..

    Mistakes we all make and have made in our initial years of blogging, and that’s very natural too. I guess it makes sense if we can learn from those mistakes and make ourselves better, professionally and personally, as a better human. That’s what really matters 🙂

    Nothing works better than building relationships with other bloggers, by visiting their blogs, commenting, sharing, and just being there for each other. That’s how the trust develops, and these relationships later develop into wonderful friendships – that I know works, as it’s always done for me.

    I’ve seen your sky diving video, and you DO love sports and all that you do, commendable indeed! Just wonder how you still manage to find the time for doing it ALL alongside blogging. Must be a real time management master, Erik!

    Thanks for sharing more about Erik with us, Rahul. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Harleena,
      great to see you here!

      Thanks for the kind words, first of all.
      I always appreciate your support.

      And yes, I force myself to spend just up to 30 minutes at Klinkk.

      I’m very busy with my main blog NoPassiveIncome (and my other niche sites – yes, I’ve many!),
      plus some new projects for this year (Amazong niche websites) and my freelance work (I collaborate with a content marketing agency).

      So I really need to organize everything, and that’s the little time I can dedicate to Klinkk.
      But I’m quite happy of how things are going so far.

      People are interacting there, voting and leaving comments.
      While submitting new stories.
      Registration is automatic (I just need to killspam some new users or discard some posts).

      And webmasters are mentioning Klinkk in a natural way (without me to ask for), as an awesome resource and blogging community.

      You’re right.
      Success is made from several failures.
      After all, you can’t always hit the perfect score each time!

      And you are a master in developing connections and relationships.
      There is so much to learn from you, Harleena! 🙂

      Yes, I love sports and I do a lot.
      It’s all about managing my time in a way that works for my energies and my commitments.

      First work, then sport of course. 😉
      And I need to sleep at least 7-8 hours for night, or the next day I won’t be productive as I I would like!

      Thank you so much for reading my story and leaving your kind comment, Harleena.
      Have a fab friday!

    2. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Harleena Mam,
      Thank you so much for your visit and spellbound comment.
      All you said is right and I think the conversation is with both of you, the amazing bloggers.
      Mam, I learnt relationship building from you and Adrienne Mam. Thank you so much for creating ABC as well.
      Hey, you two owns a community also. Great!!
      It’s my pleasure to bring superb bloggers here. Hope that you will be here soon, if you have time.

  5. Mustafa Gaziani

    Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for inviting Erik to your blog plus, thanks for sharing an amazing interview with us.

    It is always great to learn from your fellow bloggers. The steps he has shared which has lead him to success are very essential to follow to get the same result. Plus also avoid that mistakes that he had done in his blogging carrer.

    I gonna follow these great tips to get more from my blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Mustafa,
      Thanks for visiting my humble blog. Also your comment means a lot.
      Yes bro. Learning is a never ending process in any field. We find more and more to learn daily.
      I certainly avoid all those blogging mistakes and take the steps-to-success also.
      I am sure you will get benefited following his tips.
      Thanks and keep visitng.

    2. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Mustafa,

      glad you liked the interview.
      Rahul did an awesome job here.

      You’re right.
      We must use our failures to learn from them, increase our experience and make steps forward success.

  6. Siddaiah

    Hi Erik/Rahul,

    Thanks Rahul for doing the interview with Erik, its my pleasure to know his experiences about blogging, as he said making relations with niche related relationships really help bloggers to move ahead with mutual benefit.

    Yes Klinkk is best blogger community to get notified by people, Triberr and justretweet Twitter based communities helping lot of bloggers to promote each other.

    Once again thanks for sharing his interview.

    1. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Sid,
      Thanks for the visit buddy.
      I already visited your blog and read Why To Improve Writing Skills Is Crucial To Your Blog ! but couldn’t comment as the comment form is not available in my phone.
      Yeah, building connections is very essential for a blogger to succeed. I recently joined Klinkk and Justretweet and yet to join Triberr.
      Bro, let’s see in your blog. I got broad band connection a couple of days before.
      Thanks again.

    2. Erik Emanuelli

      Hello Siddaiah,
      happy to hear you enjoyed the interview and insights in it.
      Looking forward to interacting with you on Klinkk.

  7. Rohan Cahubey

    Hi Erik sir and Rahul, That was an interesting interview. I enjoyed reading it. Erik seems to be adventurous. 😛

    Congrats Erik sir for establishing yourself so well. I got some nice tips reading Erik’s answers. Thanks for that. And I have recently joined Klinkk and I am yet to explore it completely. I am sure it is a wonderful place for bloggers. 🙂

    Thanks Rahul for inviting Erik sir on your blog. I was actually waiting to read this from so long as you already had broken the suspense. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend both of you. 😀

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Rohan,
      glad you enjoyed the reading.

      Rahul did an awesome job with this interview.

      Good to hear you learned something from my tips,
      and thanks for leaving your thoughts here, Rohan.

    2. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi my brother Rohan,
      Thanks for your visit.
      Yeah, Erik Sir is so much adventurous. Actually success has a partiality towards the people who take risks.
      I joined Klinkk today, Rohan.
      Yeah, I only broke the news to you, Sasidhar and Ashu as you three are my online soul mates.
      Bro, you are heading towards probloggers’ position. Keep going and sharing awesome stuffs.
      Thanks again bro.

      1. Rohan Cahubey

        Awh! Rahul, I forget to mention that you have done a great job as a interviewer. I loved it! 🙂

  8. Ashutosh Jha

    Hi Erik,

    First of all a BIG thanks for sharing your experience here. This was like a healthy conversation and not like repeated question-answer:)

    Congratulations Erik for your achievement and good to know that you’re living online life. Also I liked your idea of travelling 30 countries.

    Rahul you have done good job here !! Have a wonderful weekend to you both.


    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Ashutosh,
      thanks for the kind words.
      And yes, I love to travel!

      I’ll spend a couple of days at mountains of North of Italy, since tomorrow, with my fiancée. 🙂

      Appreciate your comment!

  9. ikechi

    Hi Rahul

    Glad to see you in that you interviewed Erik as I have gained a lot. I have been following Erik at his blog and he provides awesome stuff which are practical and so many times very informative.

    He reveals so much in this interview and I like the fact the has achieved a lot in the blogosphere. One of his mistakes that got me thinking was making a spelling mistake in his domain name.

    Thanks for sharing Eric and looking forward to your awesome posts. Thanks Rahul for a cool interview

    1. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Ikechi,
      Glad to see you here once more.
      Yeah, Erik sir is an awesome person apart from an amazing blogger.
      I tried my best to present a better interview. Hopping that I did the job well, didn’t I?
      Actually I planned for a short interview, but couldn’t suppress my curiosity. So asked 17 questions.
      He bore me with all my first time flaws (This one is my very first interview)
      Glad you gained something from this post.
      Thanks again buddy.

  10. Rahul Gupta

    Great and inspiring interview must say Rahul. Such type of interviews are required for newbie blogers. Because it inspires them to work with passion similar to Mr. Eric. Who is not only passionate to blogging but also in real life such as he is a lover of sports. No doubt he would be passionate about sports. Overall it was a great interview which taught me something new.

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Rahul,
      thanks for your kind comment.
      Looking forward to interacting with you!

  11. Mi Muba

    Hi Erik

    So glad to hear about you in more details here though we have been in connect for quite good time.

    It is good to know Blogger platform was also your first love as of mine and I think many people venture into this field with Blogger and then move to WP.

    It is quite interesting that you are still managing your first blog where you made the mistakes which beginners usually do.

    It is a worth-noting advice as you mentioned that one needs to learn blogging formally instead of just doing it with trial and error basis. Many people don’t believe in time as their also a precious resource.

    Thanks a lot for being here and Rahul you did a wonderful job by asking very pertinent questions fully focussing on your niche. Well done.

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Mi Muba,
      great to see you here and thanks for the support.

      I definitely invest money in getting a professional training if I could go back in time.
      Worth it!

      Glad you enjoyed the interview and my story.
      Thanks for commenting!

  12. Swadhin Agarwal

    Hi Erik and hello Rahul,
    good to connect with you Rahul and seeing Erik here is a joy. I never knew Erik was so passionate about sports. and I look up to him.
    The way he manages time for business (blogging) and Klinkk is awesome along with sports is awesome.

    You can also find Erik at every blog commenting, giving his hones views so he is the master there too.
    Thanks for this insight on Erik’s life and work. There’s a vast thing to learn from you Erik.

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      Hello Swadhin,
      I appreciate your kind comment.

      I’m glad you liked my story and the insights in this interview.
      Rahul did an awesome job here.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  13. Martin Lindeskog

    Rahul Krishna: Today I interviewed Erik on my podcast show, EGO NetCast. You will be able to listen to our conversation next week!

    1. Erik Emanuelli

      It was great talking to you, Martin.
      Looking forward to listening to the podcast! 🙂

  14. Sylviane Nuccio

    Hi Erick and Rahul,

    Great interview here and I think I’ve learned more about you than ever before. I clicked on that YouTube channel and got lost in thought videos a bit 🙂 Super cool. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never sure I’d have the nerves necessary to so so.

    You’ve really done great with your online business and you can be a great example to many.

    Now being a freelance writer in a language that not your mother tongue only add to the merit, and I know all about that, so that’s why I’m saying.

    Great interview. Great job!

    1. Rahul Krishnan

      Hi Sylviane Mam,
      Thank you so much for the visit and your kind words.
      I feel blessed to have your voice on my humble blog.
      Erik sir is best in time management I think.
      Thanks again Mam.
      Erik sir will surely be here to give you a reply.

  15. Atish Ranjan

    Hey Rahul,

    Great that you interviewed one of cool and active blogger.


    Great answers mate. Loved to see you being interviewed. I have a quite good experience with you since we have started communicating.

    Good luck!
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…How to Optimize URLs for Humans and Search Engines?My Profile

    1. Rahul Krishnan Post author

      Hi Atish,
      I feel like being on top of the sky by your inspiring visit and words.
      Yeah, Erik Sir answered all the questions in a motivating way.

  16. Sunday

    Hi Rahul,
    Its simply exciting having learned a lot from Erik Emanuelli. He is a prolific blogger and has shared insights into his blogging career candidly. We sure need to learn a lot from his experience.

    I have some takeaways from this Interview which included – the importance of creating connections and providing contents/services that would help solve people’s problem! Thanks for sharing this great Interview!
    I left this comment in where this post was found!

  17. charan

    One of the super interview from a super blogger world Erik Emanuelli, i often visits his blog after i read all the interview some points really and clearly he is teaching some tips to the bloggers thanks for the interview post Rahul Krishnan, can i know how did you interviewed him… thanks in adv.

    1. Rahul Krishnan Post author

      Hi Charan,
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      He is a super star in blogging world. I too am a regular visitor and commentator there.
      Interviewing someone from blogosphere is not much different (not at all easy either). I have explained the whole process in another blog post. Kindly check it out.

  18. Tonmoy

    Hello Rahul Thank you for inviting Erik to your blog. I am always Follow your and Erik Blog regularly. As a new blogger i learn a lot’s of important matters for your this Interview with a HERO Blogger such as Erik. And Rahul, I just notice that your Interview Report skill is really Awasome . Keep sharing with us. But, i have a question, if you please answer. How can i ask others for their interview on my Blog ?
    Tonmoy recently posted…Get Google Adsense Approval | 10 Details You should Do Previous ApplyMy Profile


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